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Optimizing Joint Arthroplasty in the ASC

Presented by Zimmer Biomet

Presenter:    Nicholas Frisch, MD
Moderator:   Sharon Edwards, MedED Manager, Zimmer Biomet

7:55 - 8:00 AM


8:00 - 8:05 AM

Welcome and Overview
Themes of the Day: (1) New Technologies in Primary THA; (2) Techniques in Revision THA

Daniel J. Berry, MD – Senior Director, CCJR® Executive Committee

8:05 - 8:45 AM

Surgical Demonstration
THA Using 3D Preoperative Planning and Patient-Specific Implant Positioning Technology

Surgeon:        Andrew J. Shimmin, MD
Moderator:    William J. Maloney, III, MD

8:45 - 8:55 AM

Discussion of Previous Surgical Case / Audience Questions

Moderators: (1) Paul E. Beaulé, MD, FRCSC
                     (2) Michael P. Bolognesi, MD
Panel:       • Don S. Garbuz, MD, MHSc, FRCSC            • Michael A. Mont, MD
                 • Andrew J. Shimmin, MD                             • Thomas P. Vail, MD

8:55 - 9:20 AM

Key Decisions in Everyday Management of Primary THA and Primary TKA: Panel Will Confirm or Deny!!

Moderator:  Daniel J. Berry, MD

Panel:      • Matthew S. Austin, MD                             • James A. Browne, MD
                • Steven J. MacDonald, MD,FRCSC            • Andrew J. Shimmin, MD

9:20 - 10:00 AM

Surgical Demonstration
The Simple to Complex THA: Helping Get it Perfect with the Robot

Surgeon:        David J. Mayman, MD
Moderator:    Douglas E. Padgett, MD

10:00 -10:10 AM

Discussion of Previous Surgical Case / Audience Questions

Moderators: (1) Paul E. Beaulé, MD, FRCSC
                     (2) Michael P. Bolognesi, MD
Panel:       • James I. Huddleston, III, MD                    • Jay R. Lieberman, MD
                 • David J. Mayman, MD                             • Robert T. Trousdale, MD

10:10 -10:20 AM

The Revolution in Digital Instrumentation is Coming to TJA: When Do You Get on the Bandwagon?

Introduction: William J. Maloney, III, MD
Presenter:     Daniel J. Berry, MD

10:20 -11:00 AM

Surgical Demonstration
Revision THA With a Hypoallergenic Dual Mobility Implant

Surgeon:        Edwin P. Su, MD
Moderator:    Wayne G. Paprosky, MD, FACS

11:00 -11:07 AM

Discussion of Previous Surgical Case / Audience Questions

Moderators: (1) David G. Lewallen, MD
                    (2) Michael A. Mont, MD
Panel:     • Michael P. Bolognesi, MD               • Don S. Garbuz, MD, MHSc, FRCSC
               • Bryan D. Springer, MD                    • Edwin Su, MD

11:08 -11:12 AM

Video Technique
Optimizing Use of Acetabular Augments: Optimizing Support, Making Them Fit

Moderator:       Robert T. Trousdale, MD
Presenter:        Wayne G. Paprosky, MD, FACS

11:13 -11:18 AM

Video Technique
How to Put in a Triflange Cup: Getting It on Bone in the Right Orientation

Moderator:       Robert T. Trousdale, MD
Presenter:        Michael J. Taunton, MD

11:19 -11:24 AM

Video Technique
Placing a Fluted Tapered Modular Stem for Periprosthetic Fracture: Keep the Bone Alive: Tips and Tricks

Moderator:       Robert T. Trousdale, MD
Presenter:        Matthew P. Abdel, MD

11:25 -11:35 AM

Audience Questions / Panel Discussion on Revision THA Techniques Nailing the Previous Presenters Down on What They Just Said; Discussion of Other Key Revision Decisions and Techniques

Moderators: (1)   Robert T. Trousdale, MD
                     (2)  Jay R. Lieberman, MD
Panel:     • Matthew P. Abdel, MD           • Wayne G. Paprosky, MD, FACS
               • Michael J. Taunton, MD

11:35 AM -12:00 PM

Case-Based Discussion: Revision THA Cases of Bone Loss, Hip Instability, Osteolysis, Metalosis, and More!

Moderators: Steven J. MacDonald, MD, FRCSC
Panel:     • James A. Browne, MD           • Thomas K. Fehring, MD
               • Thorsten Gehrke, MD            • George J. Haidukewych, MD
               • Stephen Jones, MD

12:00 - 12:05 PM


12:05 - 12:50 PM

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Utilizing Technology to Address Pelvic Tilt

Presented by DePuy Synthes

Presenters:    Charles DeCook, MD
                       Atul Kamath, MD
                       Jesse Otero, MD