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December 9–12, 2020 • Orlando

more contemporary topics on state-of-the-art techniques in adult reconstruction.

A. Seth Greenwald, D.Phil.(Oxon)
Founding/Emeritus Director CCJR

“My first CCJR and it was fantastic. Great content. Excellent organization. Thanks everyone!”
CCJR Participant

more audience engagement through small-group discussions in intimate settings.

Adolph V. Lombardi Jr., MD
Deputy Director CCJR
CCJR Executive Committee

“I learned new techniques and practical tips from the experienced faculty and was able to update my knowledge of current practices.”
CCJR Participant
“One of the best meetings I've ever been to in my 27-year career!”
CCJR Participant

more faculty and participant interactions to foster robust exchange of ideas.

Daniel J. Berry, MD
Senior Director
CCJR Executive Committee

“This course gave me confidence in the way I approach patient care.”
CCJR Participant

more opportunities to connect with peers and thought-leaders from around the globe.

William J. Maloney III, MD
Deputy Director
CCJR Executive Committee

Current Concepts
In Joint Replacement®

presented by The Hip Society and The Knee Society
in honor of Charles A. Engh, Sr., MD and Gerard A. Engh, MD | |

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