Clock continues to tick

February 1, 2013

The clock on the wall continues to count down time, as one minute rolls into the next and every sixty of them commemorates the passing of another hour.

Officials associated with the clock have not had contact with it since it left their factory many years ago. It is believed that current clock factory leadership has changed sufficiently since that time so as to be completely unaware of the particular clock on the wall.

Previously, the clock had been designated for decommissioning, being replaced by a newer “virtual” clock, although plans ultimately changed. The older “real” clock was intended to be dismantled and sold for parts. Component pieces had been destined for the local second-hand store, and also an hour-hand store, a minute-hand store, a face store, and other, lesser-known stores.


Second article added to CCJR News area

February 1, 2013

Within minutes of posting their very first CCJR News article, developers have just finished a second, equally unimportant article and posted it on CCJR’s site-in-development under the newly announced News section.

Thousands of fans and friends of CCJR were completely unaware of the development, as the News section (and the new website itself) have yet to be launched.

Various sources could not be reached for comment.


New NEWS section added to forthcoming CCJR website

February 1, 2013

The soon-to-be-launched is now set to include a News section.  What you are reading now is its first post.

The section, with a working title “News,” will be set up as a blog inside the WordPress platform, although it will not necessarily be blog-like in its content.  At minimum it will contain short news announcements about CCJR, CCI and ORL, as well as about the various Current Concepts in Joint Replacement® meetings and other events CCJR is involved with.

Readers who are interested in staying abreast of CCJR goings-on will be able to access the News area from the new website, and also by subscribing to it via RSS.

Stay tuned for more details.